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The Surprising Future of Coffee: More People Switching to Filter Coffee

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Filter or ‘Filtro’ Coffee – Available at our Coffee Cart Hire for Events in Melbourne

Despite most Australians preferring espresso coffee over the past ninety years – tastes seem to be changing.

While many of us relate filter coffee to bad American-style diner coffee, or the coffee provided at venues that cater for large numbers of guests…such as many hotels – filter coffee is becoming one of the most popular ways to brew coffee.

The typical American-style coffee and hotel coffee pots that sit for hours on hot plates, are bad examples of filter coffee and do not do it justice.

Now there is a growing interest in good filter coffee, with many local speciality coffee roasters in Melbourne sourcing high-quality single origin beans and using roasting profiles that highlight perfectly the unique flavours, which can only be experienced using a filter-brew method. Filter coffee is available at our coffee cart hire for events around Melbourne.

The most important aspect, though, is to have the right beans. You can’t simply use the same espresso beans to make a good cup of filter coffee. It’s all down to the right roast and the right grind. Coffee beans used for filter coffee are lighter in roast, which critically preserves the acidity and fruitiness – as opposed to espresso roasts – which are much darker.

The two most common ways you’ll find filter coffee made in Australia, are pourover and batch brewed.

Pourover involves manually pouring hot water from a gooseneck kettle (named because of its curved, narrow spout) over ground coffee beans. The beans are gathered in a cone with filter paper, which then filters into a cup or small jug below.

Meanwhile, batch brew is made using a coffee machine that heats and sprinkles water over a hopper filled with ground coffee beans, where it then filters down into a jug or carafe. The vessel usually rests on a hot plate to keep the coffee at the correct temperature.

Many speciality coffee bars, including Gilano Coffee, use the latest Moccamaster systems to deliver perfect filter alongside their current espresso menu. You can still enjoy either; you just have more choice.

Although filter brewing is a very good way to brew coffee, today, filter coffee techniques have evolved, with detailed selection of beans, expert roasting profiles and the latest brewing systems.

Overall, it is a gentle brewing method with a higher ratio of water compared to espresso, which is a far more intense and restricted shot of coffee. For many, it is their preferred coffee – and, typically, it’s served black. There are a number of speciality bars who recommend only serving filter coffee black, with no added milk or sugar. This brings out flavours that are not able to be experienced with other brewing methods.

The trend away from milk-based espresso may also be due to our populations’ increasing intolerance of dairy. Filter coffee provides an ideal alternative, as it is perfect by itself and, depending on the blend, a small amount of milk, soy or almond can be added.

At the Gilano coffee bar in Sandringham, we offer filter coffee daily and were one of the first to take the filter process seriously and offer it from our mobile coffee carts.

Earlier this year, Gilano provided a client filter coffee only and served three different blends to over five hundred guests.

Our specialty beans all came from different origins…all with a story to tell; the beans were ground on-demand, then brewed. The whole area was filled with the aroma of freshly-ground and freshly-brewed coffees.