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The Remarkable Historical Link Between Coffee and Art

link between coffee and art melbourne - simone wolowiec artist

The link between good coffee and art seems an unlikely one, but it is a bond that can be traced back for years.

In Italy, Lavazza has for many years linked their brand and logo to art commissioned specially for their annual calendars. They have successfully linked modern art with coffee and used current trends for relevance, as well as looked to the future with more visionary works.

Over time, Lavazza has – for example – introduced subtle, uncontrived images of coffee farmers into their art depicting the link from farm to cup. More recently, they have created a visionary exhibition in partnership with the Guggenheim Museum in New York. It is a celebration for the 80th anniversary of its establishment in 1937 and dedicated to the main figurative works of the 19th and the 20th century, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation collection.

The striking exhibition traces the activities of six patrons…real pioneers who helped build the Guggenheim Foundation, making their personal collections available in this public institution.

It features over 170 works representing almost a century of history of art: from Camille Pissarro to Jackson Pollock, through Manet, Chagall, to Picasso and many others – and is a project that confirms the commitment of Lavazza to the arts and culture; a tribute to extraordinary people who have contributed to give us a better understanding of the world around us.

Another Italian coffee company, Hausbrandt also has close ties with the world of art. They work with design and colour to reflect the mode of their brand and they have a partnership with Italian artist Martino Zanetti.

link between coffee and art melbourne - simone wolowiec art exhibition in february 2021Locally – here in Australia – Gilano Coffee recognises that coffee and art share a special bond. Gilano Coffee provides coffee carts for hire around Melbourne at events and businesses, utilising our state-of-the-art, coffee-cart technology to deliver a fine selection of coffees to our customers. We also have a permanent coffee bar based at Sandringham.

Earlier this year, we connected with a local artist, Simone Wolowiec, who creates works using both traditional and digital mediums ( Simone created a piece as part of her Melbourne Poster Series for our business at Sandringham in Melbournes Bayside. The piece is displayed at our coffee bar and captures our lifestyle by the bay and the intrinsic link to Melbourne. The colours Simone uses reflect the modernity of our brand and quality lifestyle, it is our Dolce Vita.

Our relationship is also about locals supporting locals and we display Simone’s artwork in a public space that raises awareness of her brand. On the 13-14th February 2021, Gilano Coffee is supporting Simone with one of our Porta Via coffee carts at her art exhibition Inspired By Melbourne, presented by Mulbury Gallery in Sandringham, VIC. Yet another good example of art blending seamlessly with the world of coffee.

link between coffee and art melbourne - simone wolowiec art exhibition inspired by melbourne“This will be my first Melbourne show and I’m excited to share the work with fellow Melburnians and friends.” Simone added: “Inspired By Melbourne, celebrates the city; its beauty, culture and history through 15 retro travel-poster-inspired, oil-on-canvas artworks. Enjoy some of Melbourne’s iconic sights and events captured in a light-hearted painting style and colourful palette that inspires your sense of wonder.” Here is the link to the exhibition.

We hope to see you there.